About twtxt.cc

📕 twtxt.cc is a Twt.social Pod; a Self-Hosted, Twitter™-like Decentralised micro-Blogging platform. No ads, no tracking, your content, your data!

Technically twtxt.cc is a twtxt client in the form of a web application. You are viewing an instance of this software at twtxt.cc. twtxt.cc allows you to make small posts in a simple easy way without privacy concerns, advertising, tracking or the fear of censorship. Think of twtxt as somewhat like Twitter™ but unlike Twitter™ twtxt and twtxt.cc are designed to be decentralised.

The /timeline view displays the latest posts of users on this instance. Since twtxt itself is a federated and decentralised micro-blogging format there is no “global” timeline, so you can only discover posts from users on the same instance as you are on (twtxt.cc in this case) or by searching for other twtxt feeds such as those available at feeds.twtxt.net.

This software and this instance twtxt.cc requires user registration as it both hosts your twtxt feed as well as allows you to fetch, browse, follow and read other user’s feeds or external feeds. The following is a list of features that are provided:

For a list of upcoming features please follow the Project Page on Github.

For additional help on how to use twtxt and this instance twtxt.cc please see the /help page or contact /support for help. Please also see the /privacy policy for this instance.